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Evaluations: Pre-Employment

Increase quality

Interested in evaluating an applicant's work-related strengths and weaknesses before committing resources to hiring and training? PLI pre-employment evaluations provide a detailed road map for investigating the likely problems associated with an applicant’s performance – an ever-increasing need in the evolving hiring climate. Agencies are able to review the anticipated performance difficulties with an applicant to determine if they are manageable with the training and supervisory resources. A range of assessment tools are available, depending on the nature of the position. Legal consultants to the EEOC have advised that groups should and must conduct selection testing on a pre-job offer basis, affording all applicants an equal evaluation platform. What we provide are proven high quality evaluation reports which are practical and useful to an agency’s hiring process.


Increase resilency

Evaluations: Public Safety

Staffing -- including hiring, training, and potential conduct problems with employees -- is one of the most costly
budget demands for public safety agencies. This high expense increases the need to identify individuals who
possess the traits required for a particular position before they are extended job offers. The past decade has seen a smaller pool of qualified candidates resulting in an even greater need for detailed, individualized hiring reports which identify the risks associated with a specific applicant. Pre-employment public safety suitability evaluations from PLI include standardized testing, a review of background and history, and a face-to face interview. The evaluation report provides a hiring recommendation via rating, identified areas for further review by background and/or the hiring authority, and a review of relevant background and testing information. Examples of the traits which may be evaluated during this process and are identified as essential by many public safety positions include a person's ability to interact with citizens in a positive manner, to use self-control in emergency and confrontational situations, to have the required flexibility in decision making to enhance resiliency, and to demonstrate
a high level of integrity.


Evaluations: Management or Executive

Strategic vision, tactical approach, interpersonal manner

Positions requiring managerial or executive level decision making affect an organization's short and long-term
success, linking a high potential cost to these roles. After applicants complete objective written testing, they are
interviewed regarding their background and work history, specific job interests and difficulties, and other
relevant professional dimensions. The management reports provide a profile sketch - including traits and the
potential strengths and weaknesses of the person, direct interview probes, and focused management suggestions.
An applicant's strategic vision and tactical approach, interpersonal manner, and other position-related traits can
be matched to the organization's charted direction for the future.


Evaluations: Promotional, Special Assignment, & Developmental

Objective testing, targeted history reviews, collateral reports

Promotion and succession planning are key processes in any organization. Identifying who from a candidate pool possesses the traits and experience most associated with success in a senior position is a hurdle faced both in the private sector and in public safety organizations. Assessment by a contracted, outside party, provides an objective measurement to use as part of your strategic succession planning. At PLI, we use objective testing, interview, a review of history and background, along with feedback from collateral parties (supervisors, subordinates, and other professional contacts) to give an organization the best information available. Assessment can identify unknown benefits as well as developmental areas for a person's work behavior while allowing the hiring authority to make the most successful promotion choices.

Special assignment evaluations are useful tools for identifying appropriate candidates for special response/SWAT teams, product launch teams, and other specialized fields in public and private sector organizations. Objective testing, targeted history reviews, interview, and collateral reports are some of the ways information is gathered to develop an integrated report for the hiring authority. These reports can be customized to make a recommendation relevant to a specific position in your organization

Developmental assessments can also be used to identify talents, strengths, and aptitudes possessed by your team that currently may be underutilized. By continually challenging your staff, their sense of value and commitment is apt to increase, leading to a higher retention rate for your organization and improved overall performance levels.

Promotional Development
Evaluations: Pre-Employment
Evaluations: Management
Evaluations: Public Safety
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